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About Us


Cairns Radiator Service are your Cairns and district cooling system professionals. We are a warehouse for Adrad Radiators (Australia’s largest radiator supplier) so we stock an extensive range of radiator assemblies and air conditioning parts to suit most passenger, 4WD and light commercial vehicles.
Cairns Radiator Service are locally owned and operated (the same owner for over 30 years). Our 2 year nationwide warranty on new radiators, will be extended by a further 3 years if we install the radiator for you (conditions apply).

There are many radiators available on the market today – some are good and some are poor quality. Please when choosing a supplier do not be price driven. The radiator must operate well to properly protect your engine and transmission so always choose carefully and get some advice from an expert. Cairns Radiator Service are members of the national Adrad Radiator Experts group of independent radiator and heat exchange businesses across Australia. If you need a cooling system check, just parts or a full repair service, give us a call. We’re here to help you.

Should you have a problem all you need to do is contact us.


If you have a problem with your vehicle cooling system, phone Cairns Radiator Service for a free 12 Point Cooling system check. You may not need a new radiator, it might just need a cleanout or repair. We will pressure test and assess your cooling system. Sometimes a quick repair or cleanout is all that is required to restore the efficiency of your cooling system. Let Cairns Radiator Service take care of your vehicle and potentially save you money.

  • Inspections
  • Cleanouts
  • Pressure testing
  • Repairs
  • Radiators
  • Oil Coolers
  • Intercoolers
  • Air Conditioning
  • Free 12 Point Cooling Check

We aim to solve any problems that you both may have.

Ready For Home Loans In Australia?

Ready For Home Loans In Australia?

Applying for home loans in Australia is a common step that many people take when buying a new home. For most people, a mortgage may be one of the most significant monthly expenses in their budget. It may also be the largest debt that they are responsible for over their lifetime. With this in mind, you do not want to rush into your decision to apply for Home Loans Loans.com.au in Australia. To gain a better understanding of your readiness, focus on these points.
Review Your Credit Report
Most lenders offering home loans in Australia have strict credit score requirements. If your credit rating is too low, you may not be approved for a mortgage. If your scores are mediocre and could be better, you may only be approved for a higher interest rate. You understandably want to qualify for the lowest interest rate possible so that your mortgage payment is lower. With this in mind, analyze your credit report before you apply so that you can take steps to improve your credit rating if necessary.
Analyze Your Liquid Assets
Another important factor to consider before you apply for home loans in Australia is your down payment amount. Each loan program has different minimum down payment requirements, so you should familiarize yourself with the various requirements. Compare these requirements against your liquid assets to determine if you have enough cash on hand for the down payment. Remember that you do not want to be cash poor after buying a home. Ensure that you have enough liquid assets to remain financially comfortable after making the down payment.Use a Mortgage
You understandably want your new mortgage payment to be affordable and manageable. Before applying for home loans in Australia, use a Home Loan Calculator at Loans.com.au online to estimate the monthly payment. Review the monthly payment against your budget. If a payment would be too high for your comfort level, consider saving for a larger down payment or looking for a more affordable home. While a mortgage calculator is an excellent resource to use, remember to contact a lender directly to get prequalified for financing before you begin actively searching for a new home to buy.Home loans in Australia make it easier for people to purchase a property, but they also are a major financial commitment to take on. When you walk through these important steps up-front, you can more easily make a smart decision about your use of home loans in Australia.

Different Home Loans In Australia

Different Home Loans In Australia

Many have their qualms about investing in real estate. Try as they might, real estate professionals aren’t equipped to allay all misgivings associated with house buying. The onus is on the potential homeowner to conduct diligent research and have a firm understanding of the endeavor they’re soon to embark on. Knowledge truly is power when you’re undertaking a financial venture of this magnitude, so educate yourself on home loans in Australia before making any rash decisions. In fact, with the Internet’s exceedingly knowledgeable outlets, brushing up on Home Loans Loans.com.au in Australia is a breeze. Among the most touted home loans in Australia include:
List of Home Loans in Australia
Lender: U Bank
Loan: Discount Offer Variable Home Loan
Monthly rate: $1,149
Upfront fees: $0
Lender: Mortgage House
Loan: Essentials Home Loan
Monthly rate: $1,142
Upfront fees: $595Lender: IMB Bank
Loan: Platinum Package Fixed Home Loan
Monthly rate: $1,144
Upfront fees: $324Lender: ING
Loan: Orange Advantage Home Loan (Principal and Interest)
Monthly rate: $1,148
Upfront fees: $299

Lender: U Bank
Loan: UHomeLoan Fixed (Interest Only) 1 Year
Monthly rate: $1,149
Upfront fees: $0

Lender: Beyond Bank
Loan: Special Low Variable Rate Home Loan
Monthly rate: $1,155
Upfront fees: $0

Lender: State Custodians
Loan: Low Rate Home Loan with Offset
Monthly rate: $1,156
Upfront fees: $286

Lender: SCU More Generous Banking
Loan: First Home Buyer Loan
Monthly rate: $1,161
Upfront fees: $695

Lender: Aussie
Loan: IQ Basic Investment Loan
Monthly rate: $1,178
Upfront fees: $0

Lender: St. George Bank
Loan: Residential Investment Principal & Interest 2-year fixed loan
Monthly rate: $1,178
Upfront fees: $100

Lender: Heritage Bank
Loan: Discount Variable Home Loan
Monthly rate: $1,189
Upfront fees: $150

Lender: National Australia Bank
Loan: Tailored Home Loan Fixed (Principal & Interest) 2 Years
Monthly rate: $1,191
Upfront fees: $600

Lender: Bank Australia Responsible Banking
Loan: Premium Home Loan Fixed 1 Year
Monthly rate: $1,192
Upfront fees: $595

Lender: Westpac
Loan: Premier Package Low Doc Fixed Options Home Loan 1 Year
Monthly rate: $1,192
Upfront fees: $0

Lender: National Australia Bank
Loan: Tailored Home Loan Fixed 3 Years
Monthly rate: $1,199
Upfront fees: $600

Lender: ANZ
Loan: Breakfree Package Fixed Rate Home Loan 3 Years
Monthly rate: $1,207
Upfront fees: $0

Lender: Liberty
Loan: Liberty Free Home Loan
Monthly rate: $1,214
Upfront fees: $0

Lender: Liberty
Loan: Liberty Sharp Investment Loan
Monthly rate: $1,214
Upfront fees: $995

Lender: National Australia Bank
Loan: Best Variable Home Loan (Principal and Interest)
Monthly rate: $1,218
Upfront fees: $600

There are numerous non-banking lenders and financiers that you’re able to go to for a loan. For example you can get a Pre Approval Home Loan Loans.com.au which is a popular place for people of all different backgrounds to request for a loan.

Refinance Home Loan For Retirement

How a Refinance Home Loan Can Prepare You for Retirement

Many Australians are focused on paying all debts off before retirement. After all, when you have no credit card payments, car loan payments and other debts to weigh down your budget, you can live comfortably on less money. If you are preparing to retire within the next few years or even if retirement is a decade or more away, you may not be thinking about refinancing your mortgage. However, there may be exceptional benefits available to you through a refinance home loan.
Using Equity Strategically
One reason why some Australians apply for a Refinance Home Loans at Loans.com.au is to obtain equity out of their property. You may have a huge amount of equity established in your home currently, and this is equity that could be used to pay off most or all of your outstanding debts. These debts may have higher interest rates than what your rate would be on a refinance home loan. You could also use your equity to make savvy investments. Using equity in this way should be done after careful analysis. Some people have so much equity in their home that they could take some equity out and still be able to sell the home at retirement to make a sizable profit. In fact, there may be so much equity available at retirement that this money could be used to pay for a new and smaller home with cash. In this type of situation, a home loan refinance may help you to achieve your retirement goals.
Paying Your Mortgage Off Faster
You do not have to take equity out of your home to refinance your mortgage. You can use a refinance home loan to keep the existing loan balance the same and to simply adjust the loan term. For example, if your current mortgage payment has a relatively high interest rate in comparison to rates currently available and if you want to change the loan term, financing may make sense. You could potentially shorten the term and get a lower rate, and these two factors may help you to pay your outstanding balance off at a faster rate while also potentially enjoying a lower monthly payment.It can be difficult to decide if a refinance home loan is a smart idea for you. You must first explore the refinance home loan terms available and understand your financial situation. Consider the pros and cons of adjusting www.loans.com.au terms and taking out equity. Speaking with a lending representative may also help you to determine a smart way to handle your mortgage options.